Deepcool Rock Master V3.0


Deepcool Rock Master V3.0

This item cannot be purchased alone, you can buy it as a part of a prebuilt system.
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Deepcool Rock Master V3.0 Features and Specifications


Model Rock Master V3.0
Overall Dimension 148.5X68.5X42mm
Rated Voltage 12V and 5V
Operating Voltage 11~13V and 4~6V
quantity of regulated output 4
regulated max Power output <40W 
LED Color Blue 
Voltage of Fan (12V) 6.5VDC~11.5VDC
Voltage of Fan (5V) 2.5VDC~4.5VDC
Warranty 1 Year
Note ***Features, Price and Specifications are subject to change without notice.


  • 4 channels to adjust your fan speed to the most comfort.
  • 2 USB 3.0 extension ports.
  • CF/SD/Micro SD card reader.
  • Fit into the 5.25″ bay, easy to install.

Four Fan Channels Design
Support up to four fans, each with independent and adjustable speed controller.

Two 3.0 USB Ports Design
Need more USB? Rock Master provides extra USB ports to fulfill your need.

Multiple Card Reader Add-on Design
Tired of separate purchase to read your SD, Micro SD or CF card? Rock Master is here to with multiple card reader design.

5.25 Bay Fitness (5.25)
Rock Master fits perfectly into 5.25 expansion bay.

Use this in your next Prebuilt PC!



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