Gaming Is Not A Crime Laptop Skin


Gaming Is Not A Crime laptop skin for laptops of size 14″, 15.6″, 17″ and 19″.

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Gaming is not a crime Laptop Skin

Tired of the boring plain look of your laptop and need to add some gamer vibe to it? Looking for the best laptop skin to buy online in India?

Try the Gaming Is Not A Crime Laptop Skin from Id10t Builds today!

Made from top quality material with the best-in-class printing methods, ensuring you have the best-looking finish on your gaming laptop!

Available for all laptop sizes! Pick the size and leave your laptop model number on the checkout page!

Installation instructions:

  1. Clean the laptop surface to remove dust and dirt using a lint-free cloth and screen cleaning liquid.
  2. Align the skin from a short edge of the laptop, and stick 1/8th portion of it to the laptop surface.
  3. Using an ATM card or a ruler, glide over the laptop skin as you remove the paper from below the skin and stick the skin to the laptop without letting any air bubbles in.
  4. Use mild heat and gentle rubbing to give the skin a finishing touch and you are done!

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13.3-14", 15.6-16", 17", 19"


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