WP06T: Everyday Office Setup


A computer setup configured for office use

Please note: Prices of components keep fluctuating. Hence, price of the build can change from time to time.
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The Everyday Office Setup

Buy WP06T, a budget workstation setup/Home PC configured for office use. ZERO SYSTEM INTEGRATION FEE FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY!

Specifications: (You can customize your own!)

🔹Athlon 3000G with Vega Graphics
🔹MSI A320 Motherboard
🔹WD Green 120GB SATA m.2 SSD for OS
🔹1TB 7200 RPM Hard disk for storing data
🔹Antec VSK 4000B Cabinet
🔹Corsair VS450 80+ White Certified Power Supply.
🔹Dell D1918H HD LED monitor

We only charge a one-time fee of ₹3500 ZERO, as System Integrators over the cost on this Office Setup, which includes:

1-Year System Integrator Warranty along with manufacturer warranty on individual parts, technical support,
And that sweet cable management 😌
No build leaves our offices looking ugly! Not even from Inside!

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